Purple Alert

A community minded app that’s helping people look out for their neighbours.

Free, community minded, It can help someone living with dementia.

Purple Alert is a free app designed
by people living with dementia
and carers, Alzheimer Scotland staff,
Police Scotland, Social Work,
Dementia Friends Scotland,
Health and Social Care Partnerships
and telecare services.

Picture - Nick Ponty 
Alzheimer Scotland launch the Purple Alert app at Silverburn shopping centre.

Purple Alert in 60 seconds.

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Tell one neighbour, one colleague, one family member.
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What people say about Purple Alert:

"I've downloaded Purple Alert and I'm helping people with dementia. Please join me and download the app to be part of the community of support. "
“Only available in Scotland? It should be nationwide.”
Facebook User
"I can’t praise you and any others enough for creating the Purple Alert app as this was an example of how vital it is and I have been advising friends and relatives to download it too."

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